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Hypnotherapy in Surrey

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For professional and trusted therapy treatments in Surrey.   

UK Leading Hypnotherapy Centre

Talking therapy involves talking with a professional about issues or problems that may be affecting your mental and emotional health. Talking therapies can help you to figure out what may have caused problems and learn ways to manage them. There are different types of talking therapy.

Talking Therapies

If you are looking for therapy treatments in Surrey, Berkshire or Middlesex area, then why not give us a call to see how we can help you.


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For Hypnotherapy in Surrey UK:

UK Leading Hypnotherapy Centre


Welcome to Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre, we are a unique friendly and professionally run Centre at the Calm of Ashford in Surrey where a diverse team combine to offer a wide range of therapies from psychotherapy, hypnotherapy to various training programs in Hypnotherapy,Counselling,Reiki Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and many different workshops for stress, confidence building and overcoming phobias etc.

All of our therapists are fully qualified, insured and are members of their appropriate professional accrediting bodies.

Wise Blue Owl offers a wide range of complementary therapies and wisdom. Alan Piper and Kate Hudson-Hall have formed Wise Blue Owl to provide thoughtful complementary therapies to help with whatever is troubling you. After successfully creating two charities, one to assist clients with mental health issues with Dr Vince Cable MP as the Patron, and another charity to support cancer sufferers and their families, Alan and Kate have created Wise Blue Owl to invite a wider audience to experience their support and complementary therapies.
We work with a variety of roadblocks; stress, relationship help, sadness, anxiety, loss, career improvement, depression, addictions, improving self esteem, parenting, life transitions and much more.

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